Did you know that you can set up your American Thrift and Finance Plan loan to be paid automatically from your checking or savings accounts?



Paying by automatic withdrawal allows you to be sure that your payments are made on time. As the payments are made automatically, you will also save time and postage. And because the transaction is entirely electronic you will have much more privacy with your payments than by writing a check, which may be handled by many people from the time it is written until it clears your bank account.



All you need to do is print the form at the following link ““Automatic Loan Payment Authorization” then complete the form and either U.S. Mail or deliver the form to us in person at your local American Thrift and Finance Plan Office, along with a Voided Check.



It’s that simple, automatic debit from American Thrift and Finance Plan. Sign-Up Today
CLICK HERE “Automatic Loan Payment Authorization